Buy this pass only
once and
skate 12 sessions (one
each month) for only
$10. You must present
it each time you intend
to use it. You can also
it at B&D's pro
shop to get 10% off all
skates and
Jo Bleaux Skater

This pass is available ONLY at B&D's front counter.
This pass cannot be duplicated nor are lost passes replaced.
Up to an $84 value for only $10.      Get yours today!

It makes a great birthday and Christmas gift!
Roller skating in Independence at Kansas City's favorite rink
"A Kansas City Roller
Skating Favorite!"
B&D South
Skate Center

Is Professionally
Owned and Managed
by the same friendly
faces you have seen
at B&D for 38
successful years
B&D South's Skate Pros
Sandy & Duffy Heyer
Roller skating in Kansas City's favoite rink
Roller skating in Kanas City on a Friday Night in Independence at B&D South
Roller skating Limbo in Kansas City's favoite rink
Roller skating birthday party in Kansas City's favoite rink
Website updated

B&D features a no-slip epoxy-coated hardwood floor.

The well-stocked snack bar is as popular as is B&D's specialty lighting system.

B&D is a great place where both adults and kids can both enjoy themselves.

We play the Limbo, do the Fast Skate and the Hokey-Pokey too!

Got a birthday? Have your party here!

Churches and Schools can rent out the rink as fund-raiser, or simply to have fun!
Attention Coaches
Hey!  If you go by the name
"Coach" or know anyone else
who does, come celebrate
your team's efforts with
a skating party!

Call Duffy for special team pricing   
Tell your school and PTA
to book a skating party!

Both daytime and evening
times are available.
It's a great PTA fund raiser!
Welcome back to B&D's website.
We have been open for over 60 years and in
our current building since 1975.

Many happy skaters have grown up with us and
many more new ones are with us now.

Both adults and children are
welcome to skate our sessions.

Parents are glad to know that B&D is a safe place
to take their children. Non-skating parents are
encouraged to stay and observe at no charge.

This website stays current as it is made a B&D skater
who is up-to-date on all that is happening here.  
Check back often for specials and schedule updates.
13903 E. Noland Court, Independence, MO
Roller skating in Independence at Kansas City's favorite rink

Storm Damage

B&D will be closed a for many weeks due to storm damge
to the roof on June 26th 2015.

The north half of the interior is soaked with the buckets of rainwater
that poured in.  The standing water warped the skating floor beyond
repair. The good news, is that we are getting a new wooden floor!

The new carpet survived the rainwater and will cleaned.
All the ceilings tiles have been removed and will be replaced.

The tear out of the old floor began on Monday, August 10.
Watch video from this day below.

Keep watching this site for our re-opening date.

You can also follow us on Facebook.

View Storm Damage Here:
  Storm Damage

Due to the damages to the building at
B&D South we are unable to
accommodate any session birthday
parties or private parties which had
been scheduled.

We do not take down phone numbers
for party bookings. If you or someone
you know has a party booked at B&D
South skating rink please send a
Facebook private message to Mark
Squires or email your contact number

I will pass the information on to Duffy.
He will be doing his best to find other
arrangements. Please do not phone the
rink as the phone is currently not
operational. Thank you.
NOTE: Fountain City Roller Derby has successfly
rescheduled their bouts to other rinks and dates. Here
they are. Many thanks to all who are helping to keep
theme rolling while we rebuild.
Webmaster's Note:  Yes, the website is an active train
wreck. B&D is closed and rebuilding.

The only pertinent information is the storm damage and
the passing of our founder, Bill McDonald. Both the storm
damage link, and Bill's link work.

As of August 27, 2015 We do not yet have a target date for
re-opening.  Much has been done. The new Maple skating
floor will be installed soon!   Check here often and on
Facebook too.