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4th, 2015
Pepsi is the official soft
drink of roller skating.
Rollin' with Grampa!
Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Evening

2-4 pm





Tuesday Evening
Call ahead to see what crazy item to bring and pay only $1.50!
7-9 PM
Friday Evening
(Including New Years' Day!)
Saturday Afternoon

Saturday Evening
2-4 PM

7 - 9:30


B&D's BIG Christmas Party
Tuesday, December 22nd  7-9PM
Over $1,000 in prizes will
be given away that night!

A new pair of skates, a free year of skating,
toys, and stereo headsets will be given away
as door prizes.

Only $6.00, skate rental included!

Load up the sleigh and bring ALL the elves!
B&D's Annual
New Year's Eve Skate
Thursday, December 31st
8pm to 12:15 am

Only $10.00 including skate rental!

Skating out the old and skating in the new!
Party horns at Midnight! One year of free skating and a
pair of new skates will be given away as door prizes!

Parents,  Please pick your kids up on time and
never drink and drive.

Non-skating parents are welcome to stay and observe at
no charge. All ages are welcome to skate.
B&D will be CLOSED
on these dates:

Christmas Eve
December 24th

Christmas Day
December 25th
Christmas Vacation Skates

12 Noon - 4pm     
$5.00 including skates.

Wednesday, December 23rd

Monday, December 28th

Tuesday,   December 29th

Wednesday, December 30th

Monday, January 4th

Tuesday, January 5th
Fooled Ya!
B&D is in the final stages
for rebuilding.

The winds that tore the roof back in June caused enough
water damage to require a complete rebuilding.

We are coming back with a new Maple skating floor,
and a fresh, new look.

We plan to open when the last contractor leaves.

Wait unit
il this red box is gone, when it is, B&D is finally open.